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Reasons to Live #238-250

hi hello friends!

I hope that the world has been treating you gently, and that you’ve had a chance to breathe today! Today, I wanted to share a few of my Reasons To Live / things that make me happy. For those of you who are new to my blog, Reasons to Live exists as a way for me recenter my mental health in a positive way, and gives me an outlet (that is hopefully useful to other people!) to remind myself that the world is not all bad. I used to do these on my old blog, but this is the first time I’ve posted on here!

Please Note // Reasons to Live provides me with a gentle way to focus on the good that I have in my life. If you are ever having scary / bad / not good thoughts – please, please do not hesitate to call the Depression Hotline (1-630-482-9696) or the Trevor Project Lifeline (1-866-488-7386); someone will be available to talk 24/7. Please remember that each and every single one of you is an exceptional individual and deserves wonderful things.

238. A’s on Exams. Or, good grades on exams. I got an A on my sociology exam (granted it was a take home exam), but good grades are good grades. Last semester was quite rocky for my mental health, which took a toll on my physical grades, so I’m taking every victory I can get this semester!

239. Snow. As a person who’s spent all their life in sunny spots, I am absolutely enamored with the snow that West Lala is treating us with! I think it’s so beautiful, and I absolutely love getting bundled up.

240. Pretty Flowers. I recently took a trip to Walmart and picked myself up a little plant! I’m hoping that I can keep it alive, but it’s adding so much happiness to my life.IMG_1503

241. Spring Break. As I write this, I am currently relaxing on my parents bed, as I’m home for break! It’s been a much needed treat to get away from exams and papers and endless assignments.

IMG_0770242. People who are basically family. My practically sister, Appu, had her sixteenth birthday party this past weekend which I was lucky enough to be back in California for! She’s an absolutely wonderful person, and I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing up!

243. Trying out New Recipes. As I’m home for break, I’m adventuring out in my cooking and attempting to make new food every day. It’s nothing fancy, but I’m taking the next step into adulthood!

244. Love Stories. I’ve always thought of my parents to be quite boring, but a few days ago, I was being quite nosy and got my dad to spill all the stories from before they were married! It was so fun, and I loved hearing how adorably cute and in love my parents were (and still are).

245. Emailing. I have a cousin in India, and she is the absolute cutest thing in the whole world! Her name is Apoorva and she’s (I think) a freshman in high school! We’ve been writing emails to each other for a few months, and it’s so much fun! She’s so fun and we both love books and she reminds me so much of myself. She’s this absolute burst of positivity and I know she’s going to do amazing things.

246. Traveling. Speaking of India, I am so excited to share that I’m going to traveling to India for two months starting at the very beginning of summer – May! I don’t know where we’re going or what the plans are, just that I’m psyched to be spending time with family.

247. Holi! For those of you that don’t know, Holi is a holiday celebrated by Hindus for the arrival of Spring! I went last Saturday with my parents to the temple, and we met up with a few friends, and it was so fun. I got to dance and put color on people and make beautiful memories.Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

248. Everything, Everything. This is a book written by Nicola Yoon that I started reading a couple of months ago, forgot about it, and then devoured it one sitting when I got it from the library. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I adored it. (review / thought share possibly coming soon?)

IMG_1631249. Nina Davaluri. She was Miss America 2014 (also my idol) and she came to my college recently to give a talk about diversity. She’s so well spoken and I loved everything that she had to say! (more thoughts on this in another blog post)

250. International Women’s Day. I know that this was quite some time ago, but I absolutely love women and girls and the solidarity that we have with each other, and I think it needs to be talked about more.

Thank you for reading through this post, and having an interest in my life! In the comments below, tell me things that have been keeping you positive recently!



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