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10 Ways to Help Someone’s Mental Health

hi hello!

I hope you’re all having a most lovely day! I’ve been a bit stressed (finals are approaching soon and I am unbelievably unprepared), but it’s been wonderfully sunshine-y for the past few days, and that’s really lifted my spirits!

Today, I wanted to share a bit of a different style of post; I don’t usually get incredibly personal, but I would share 10 ways to help someone with their mental health! Now this is isn’t just for your friends and family who have mental illnesses; these are wonderful things for everyone, but I’m sure your friends with wonky brains would appreciate a bit extra!

(Please note // this list is compiled purely of things that I appreciate my loved ones doing for me; please be mindful of the people in your lives and don’t put them in situations that will make them uncomfortable! xx)FullSizeRender 6

  1. Remind them that you’re here for them. For me, just a reminder that I’m not a burden is really good and keeps me from getting horribly anxious.
  2. include them in plans (even if they seem reluctant or quiet about it). My social anxiety is not the best; and so I hate initiating plans to hang out or spend time together. One of the greatest things my friends do is just ask if I wanna do homework or grab lunch together!
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask if there’s anything you can do to help!
  4. Don’t assume that a good day means that “they’re cured”.
  5. Take time to look after your own well being FIRST. There is no point in trying to help someone else, when you’re not feeling good!
  6. Ask them about their therapy. This very much depends on the person, but I find sharing about my therapy sessions helpful and soothing (plus, it helps to remind me that people care!)
  7. Give them hugs!
  8. Remind them that they’re not crazy. (this is good for the bad days)
  9. Don’t get annoyed if they can’t make plans or are stressed about things that seem small.
  10. Keep things confidential (unless you truly 100% believe that they are in serious harm).

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and caring for your loved ones!



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