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10 Ways to Relax Over the Summer

hi hello!

I hope you’re all having a lovely day! I’m terribly sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a bit, school has been keeping SO BUSY! But, I’m done with finals and through with the first year of university!

Today, I wanted to share 10 things that you can do to relax over summer vacation!

  1. learn to bake something new (for me, I want to learn how to make a pie!)
  2. write handwritten letters to your friends
  3. plant some flowers or vegetables (succulents are cheap and low maintenance!)
  4. take a long bath and exfoliate your skin
  5. start a journal
  6. diy some cute room decor
  7. create a scrapbook to reflect on a fun vacation or period in time
  8. visit a museum or art gallery
  9. personalize your clothes by dying, studding, or ripping things
  10. learn a new skill (i want to learn how to needlepoint)

I really hope you enjoyed this short, little post and it gives you some inspiration on how to have a little fun in the summer!

In the comments below, please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas or if you’ve tried any of these!



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posted while listening to When Will My Life Begin by Mandy Moore (Tangled Soundtrack)


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