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10 Easy Ways to Relax! (pt 2)

hi hello!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and that the world has been treating you gently! Recently, I posted ’10 Ways to Relax Over the Summer’ and I got tonnes of love and feedback on it! I thought I would share 10 more ways to relax and enjoy the summer time.

  1. read a new book OR reread a childhood favorite
  2. volunteer somewhere
  3. clean out your wardrobe and donate things that don’t fit or you don’t wear anymore
  4. practice painting!
  5. try a new makeup look (branch out of your comfort zone!)
  6. play a board game
  7. go thrift shopping
  8. have a sleepover with some friends!
  9. go hiking (or if there’s no trails, take a walk outside)
  10. have a traditional picnic and enjoy the sunshine

I hope that this post gave you loads of wonderful ideas and ways to enjoy the summer vacation!



Posted while listening to Sweeter than Fiction by Taylor Swift


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